A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sweet Nothings is about a 15 year old American teenager who had to move to Japan with his family after his mom got remarried. At first, Jacen Tokomato didn't like the culture change and he was sure that he would never make any friends until he met his classmate, Daisuke Namura. The both of them quickly became fast friends and started helping each other out, especially when Jacen decides to try out for the school's soccer team, but that's not all. Not only does Jacen has to deal with the struggles of moving to an unfamiliar country, but he also has to deal with the fact that he is starting to fall head over heels for a third year at his school. Nobody said being a teenager was easy. Especially for Jacen when he has to overcome his newfound sexuality, friendships, relationships, exams, family and above all, Japan.


Character Sprites: Bass Novel

BG Art: Bass Novel

Music: Youtube Editor & a few other artists

Engine: Renpy

The game contains 1,422 dialogue blocks, containing 15,839 words and 81,784
characters, for an average of 11.1 words and 58 characters per block.


SweetNothings-all.zip 120 MB

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