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Thanks so much for making the game! We actually ended up making a playthrough of it on our channel too.

Thanks for playing my game! I couldn't stop laughing from your guy's reactions. xD

Awh, thanks so much! We hope you enjoyed the vid as much as we loved playing it. Let us know if you ever make any other games in the future! We'd definitely be open to checking anything else out.

Will do!

Never enjoyed my time infront of a game so much, i need some time alone xD No Love it!

Thank you so much for playing my game! I really enjoyed your video~ =3

Thank you!! Im glad you enjoyed it :D

I really enjoyed your game!! Kept me on my toes! lol

My Game play! - Nicolas Cage High School

Thank you so much for playing it! I commented on your video with my thoughts of your gameplay. My channel name is RaynebowWolf. =3